Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I originally picked up Forever... by Jude Deveraux because it appeared suspensful and paranormal. However, it turned out not to be quite what I expected. The story is about a man who, in trying to discover what caused his parent's disappearance, employes a virgin who is able to "see" the future and past in a magical mirror. Along the way, both discover that they have similarities in their orphaned childhoods and they develop a relationship that goes beyond professional. Joining them later is the long lost father and sister who come in and help save the town from a coven of witches, and then they all end up one big happy family.
Overall, it took me a while to get through this book because the suspense factor just wasn't there. The storyline was mediocre, but I did appreciate the twist on the classic fairy tale. And just when the story began to climax, the author jumped "one year later..." and cut off the suspense. So, although I did think it worth finishing, I am not in a hurry to recommend it as a great read. It was just okay.

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