Friday, June 10, 2011

April Grace is a down home country gal who lives in Cedar Ridge, Arkansas. She lives with mom, dad, an older sister, and a dog, and grandma lives just across the way. I chose to read this book because it seems very similar to my family's current situation...we live in rural Blue Ridge with grandma and her three dogs next door. So, I invited my daughter to read In Front of God and Everybody: confessions of April Grace along with me. We very much enjoyed it. It was a hoot listening to April Grace share her experiences about her new citified neighbors, her too-old-to-be-dating grandma, and her urban wannabe older sister. The story brings to life the preconceived notions that some city dwellers have regarding country folk, and as April Grace learns, that some country folk have about those from the city. So, for young or old, I would recommend reading these Confessions of April Grace by K.D. McCrite. My daughter recommends this book, "because it teaches the lesson: show everybody that you care for them, especially if they need some help in life."  I think it's pretty great to be able to read a book with your child and have them learn lessons of Christian love in the process, and I look forward to reading the next book in the April Grace series with her.